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The reservation is binding both for the guest and for the hotel when it has been confirmed by the hotel. We do, however, reserve the right to change rooms for a guest in order to optimise the usage of the hotel (e.g. if you have booked a double room for one person, we might move you to a single room). The confirmation of the reservation is done via e-mail. Upon booking the guest should inform the hotel about address, e-mail, mobile phone number and identification number (for non-Swedish EU citizens a European identification number or passport number and for non-EUcitizens the passport number is required).

Check in is from 15.00 on the arrival day and the check out is at 10.00 on the day of departure (unless different times have been agreed). You can cancel your stay free of charge until the day before arrival. If you have made a reservation for a certain period of time, but depart before the original departure date, you will have to pay the same amount as for late cancellation. On top of the for the nights you have stayed you will be charged for one extra night. Payment is due upon check out and can be paid either via bank or PayPal in advance (if requested by the guest) or by cash or credit card during breakfast (see separate instructions in arrival information).

According to Swedish legislation the hotel has no responsibility for damage or loss unless it is directly caused by the staff of the hotel. Smoking and pets are not allowed at the hotel. The guest and the person/company paying for the reservation are jointly responsible for any damage caused to the hotel by the guest (this includes setting off the fire-alarm by cooking, smoking, candles or similar, which may cost up to 5000 SEK). Failure to return the key for the room costs 1000 SEK as we would have to change locks if a key goes missing. In those cases the hotel is entitled to charge the actual cost for repair, cleaning, fire-alarm cost etc.

If you have forgotten any items during your stay, you have to contact us. We store forgotten things for two months and the best thing is, if you or anyone else could come and pick up the forgotten item. If you would like us to send the items to you we charge 300 SEK plus postage / shipping costs for the service.

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